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Privacy Policy

Atlas Case is devoted to keeping the privacy of our customer’s information protected from outside sources or third parties looking to use it for purposes which the customer did not agree to when visiting our website. Atlas Case does not sell, rent or give out any information pertinent to customer’s browsing or purchasing from our website. This includes personal names, business names, physical addresses, email addresses and contact telephone numbers. We gather this information from you only to communicate with you about your order and to ensure your online buying process is as easy and enjoyable as possible and that you receive the items you are looking for the first time.

We will from time to time send out promotional emails so if you feel it would be best for you not to receive these emails please opt out of this service when registering on our website.

The purchase area and shopping cart throughout our site is very secure and any information that you provide to us is protected by encryption and will not be used for any other purpose than the order you are trying to process with Atlas Case. We actively strive to keep this process safe and secure so that outside parties cannot access this information.

This site contains links to other companies and manufacturers that Atlas Case works with and we in no way can be responsible for content or the privacy policies of those websites. The links are strictly there to help you maneuver to other websites and acquire more information about your future purchases.

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